High Knot Silk on Silk Carpet Size 4'X6"


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A true works of fine Kashmir art. A traditional design handcrafted with pure Kashmir natural silk [weave, pile, warp and fringes (90 Percent)] and cotton in weft(10 Percent). The carpet has a knot count of 576 knots per square inch count. A thing of beauty is joy forever.

  • Works of Kashmir art. Handmade/hand knotted carpet. A traditional folklore of Kashmir created by master weavers
  • Knots per Square Inch Count= 576 (24 x 24)
  • Material/s= Silk pile weave warp and weft
  • The product comes with details i.e. a certificate of authenticity details on process of making and care and cleaning instructions.
  • Dimensions= 4 feet x 6 Feet
  • Weight 13.2277
  • Made in INDIA

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